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Arlin & Pamela HENDRIX
15 B chemin Sapinière
69330 Meyzieu, FRANCE
Telephone & fax: +33 478.04.13.06

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White Station Church of Christ
Attn: Hendrix Mission
1106 Colonial Road
Memphis, TN 38117

Contact: Jack Boyd
Phone 901-550-1585

Missions elder: Richie Lynn
Phone 901-606-5999

France -- the country

Population: 60 million

Largest metropolitan areas: Paris-11,000,000; Lyon-1,600,000; Marseille-1,500,000; Lille-1,100,000; *Toulouse-1,000,000; *Nice-900,000; *Bordeaux-900,000; *Nantes-700,000; Strasbourg-600,000 (* No known fundamental New Testament church)

Religious affiliations: Roman Catholic-81%; atheist-14%; Muslim-7%; Protestant-2% (60 denominations); Jewish-1%

Summary of Need

France (the size of Texas) has a population of 60 million. Approximately 81% are Catholic, but for most it is merely family tradition; many French Catholics are agnostic at best. (more)

Lyon is the second-largest city in France, with a population of 1.6 million. It is a major crossroads for France and Europe. Since their arrival in 1975, the Hendrixes have not been able to find any church group in Lyon that is not hierarchical, but based solely on the Bible. (more)

Mission work in Europe is slow. Long-term work is the only effective means of reaching the lost with the Gospel, but there is a need for more workers. In France, there is one Church of Christ preacher for every 8 million people - like having 3 preachers for the combined states of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Tennessee, or 3 preachers for all of Texas! (more)

Will you pray with us that the Lord send workers? What about you? We would be happy to hear from you.

Arlin and Pamela Hendrix

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