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Present-day Lyon

Because of its position on two rivers, Lyon has been strategic for over 2,000 years. The ancient city, called Lugdunum, was the capital of Gaul during the Roman Empire. The population during the reign of Augustus Caesar was 200,000.

During the Middle Ages until the Renaissance, Lyon was the banking capital of Europe. The stock market was invented here in 1506, as were bank checks and letters of credit.

Lyon has long been the center of the European silk industry, with 60,000 weavers until the French Revolution. Even still, her fine silk is used by royalty and the White House.

Lyon is today an international city of banking, commerce and research. It is acclaimed for its biotechnology, high-level engineering, digital technology and of course high fashion. Lyon has a number of universities, including several U.S. programs, with over 130,000 students.

The metropolis is a crossroads of Europe. The TGV, the fast train traveling over 200 mph, links Lyon and Paris in 2 hours and extends to other cities in France and surrounding countries. Lyon hosts the world headquarters of Interpol (the international police force), as well as the headquarters of Euronews (the European version of CNN).

According to a 2006 study of 128 major cities by KPMG consulting company, Lyon placed as 2nd-most attractive worldwide (behind Montreal) for corporate development.

Lyon is the second-largest city in France with a population of over 1,600,000 souls, all needing the Gospel of Christ.