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69330 Meyzieu, FRANCE
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Our Strategy

The Lyon Church of Christ (Eglise du Christ de Lyon, which is fully recognized by the French government) has a world view of evangelism. The mission within Lyon has two main thrusts:

(1) To expose as many people as possible to the Gospel. Three principal methods are in use: public seminars, visitors? days and mass mailbox distribution.

(2) In order to bear lasting fruit, any sowing of the seed must be accompanied by watering and nourishing. Thus, the second emphasis of our work is to teach, train and encourage Christians.

Eighteen centuries ago, hundreds of Christians in Lyon suffered martyrdom rather than deny the faith. Today that faith has been suffocated by centuries of tradition and religious indifference. Of the Lyon population, 70% claim to be Catholic, but for only 40% does faith have any importance in their everyday life. As an 8-year-old French child said, "My mother does not believe in God, my father does not believe in God, my grandparents do not believe in God. You tell me there is a God, but why should I believe you?"

God's Word is the key to finding faith! Whereas 92% of American homes possess at least one Bible, the figure for French families is less than 50%. It has only been in the last 40 years that Catholics in France have been allowed to read the Bible. Mass mailbox distribution (legal in France) offers a free correspondence course that is designed to put the Bible into the hands of the people.

A two-lesson correspondence course is offered, accompanied by free copies of the Gospel of Luke and Acts. The correspondent must read both books to fill out the questionnaires correctly. Upon completion of the course, he receives a free Bible and has already been introduced to the Gospel at its source.

A variety of persons are enrolled in the courses: Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and agnostics. Frenchmen find this method of learning less threatening and are more open to personal study after having gone through a correspondence course or two. Many of the conversions in Lyon have come through this method.