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France and Modernity

(by Max Dauner)

We have found that many in the French Catholic church are seeking a better way to live the Christian life and to be the Church. We have also discovered that a good number who consider themselves good Catholics and attend mass do not believe in the fundamental tenets of the Christian faith, such as the reality of sin, the authority of God's Word, the resurrection of Christ, the final judgment.

Modernity is at the heart of the French educational system and has permeated the thinking of the vast majority. A great number of the Catholics and Protestants in France go through rituals, but their thinking is grounded not in God's Word but in modern unbelief...

Shall we abandon France? God forbid! Modernity represents a special challenge to the church; and among the nations of the formerly Christianized West, France boasts the most culturally and philosophically entrenched form of modernity...

France represents the clearest test case of Christian responses to modernity. Here is where we must take a stand. Withdrawal is unthinkable, so help us God.