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Did You Know?

Over one-third of African nations have French as their official language. Four countries in Europe use French, as well as other countries and islands throughout the world.

Tidbits (Published by R. H. Tex Williams)

Language School(reflections by Andy Johnson - excerpts)

?Melissa and I have been faithfully attending our classes in the Institut de Langue et de Culture Franšaises, part of the larger UniversitÚ Catholique de Lyon. Our institute is designed to immerse non-French speakers into a completely francophone (French-speaking)environment to learn the French language as quickly as possible.

Our classes are entirely in French, quite a challenge for the teachers and students alike. There are times when it would be incredibly easier to explain things by simply translating into native tongues, but our teachers refuse to do that (partly because of the diversity of the class?). We spend 17.5 hours in the classroom each week, practicing nothing but the French language; it?s the equivalent of a fairly full semester of college taken entirely in one subject. As you can imagine, our heads often hurt at the end of the day, but we are making progress! The students in our class range far and wide. We must admit that, with my American blinders on full strength, I anticipated our class being mainly full of English speakers wanting to learn French? What I found was strikingly different. The roll call for our class sounds a bit like a United Nations quorum check?.?

NOTE: Andy?s article reflects how we have been able to teach people of many nationalities who have now returned to their countries and many of them share their faith with their people and have in this way contributed to the growth of the Lord?s kingdom. May God be praised for these opportunities.